About Robert Kirby

As an ambitious twenty-something year old living in New York, Robert started off his career negotiating billion dollar contracts in some of America’s largest multinational companies. He worked hard, played fast, and powered his way up to the top of the corporate ladder. By the time he turned 28, he was managing a team of 60 people, and was burnt out. And miserable. And physically exhausted.

This sparked an epiphany which led him realise that he wasn’t meant to be pounding the corporate treadmill- he was meant to be serving humanity. And so, at the age of 31, he stepped into personal and spiritual development– training and working as a kinesiologist while studying under some of the world’s most renowned healers, teachers and masters such as Dr John Pierrakos (Founder of Core Energetics), Roger Callahan (Founder of EFT, TFT and Tapping), Dr Valerie Hunt (Author & researcher of the human energy field), John Bradshaw (Author) and Dr Barbara De Angelis (Celebrity relationships consultant, lecturer and author).

Robert became fascinated in psychosomatics, and the connection between the mind and body. He trained under the late Dr John Pierrakos and saw how childhood trauma and wounding cause people to put up defences, adopt deeply entrenched negative thought patterns and blocks them from living their fullest life. This became his passion and Robert started facilitating group workshops, retreats as well as one-on-one coaching.

Over the past 26 years, Robert has helped more than 14,000 people all over the US, UK and Australia dissolve the blocks which have held them back in relationships, work, family, love and business. The breadth of Robert’s expertise, experience and training is unparalleled in Australia. His brilliance lies in his ability to precisely pinpoint the root cause of a client’s pain while creating a safe space in which they can confront and heal it.

His workshops are incredibly powerful and centre around integrated body-psychotherapy and energy healing, as he deftly draws upon a variety of modalities such as Core Energetics, Bioenergetics, voice dialogue, abstract constellations, Reichian Therapy, character analysis, meditation, tapping, deep tissue body work, kinesiology and neuroscience to bring about transformative shifts that are permanent, life changing and beautiful miracles.

Key qualifications and training

  • Bachelor of Science in business and psychology
  • Masters of Business Administration
  • Masters of Arts with a dual major of Clinical Psychology and Psychosomatics Medicine
  • Diploma in Core Energetics (Body-Psychotherapy)
  • Post-graduate diploma in Core Energetics