Are You Present in Your Relationship?

The number one complaint I have heard in the last couple decades about partners in relationships is, “my partner, he or she is not present”.

Presence is the king or queen in intimacy and a wonderful prerequisite for passion and what happens over time. Life builds up distractions. We end up having burdens that make it very difficult for us to often stay present. We want to be present for our kids but we are often not. We want to be present for our husband, wife or lover and we are often not.

I just want to give you a couple of quick tips today about creating presence in everyday life. The first one comes from Touch for Health, it’s simple. it’s about bringing the energy from the back of your brain, which is the stress position (the fight or flight) to the prefrontal cortex. Watch the video for the full exercise.


Join us at our upcoming Heartfelt Relationship workshop to learn more about this exercise and more. Click on this link to register. It’s one life changing day that will help you get ready for the right partner. Or if you are in a relationship, it will create more presence and more passion which is what makes the world go round.

Have a great day.