Between Two Paths, Simplicity is Preferable

In the modern day and age, our worlds are filled with information coming to us, and through us, from all directions. Did you know, that the Human Brain is loaded daily with 34 GB of information? Every. Single. Day. If that isn’t enough, people receive about 105,000 words, or 23 words per second in only HALF a working day – and only online.

It’s no wonder why we are so overworked and overstimulated with so much to process in a matter of minutes (or seconds!). This has resulted in more and more people experiencing symptoms such as anxiety, depression, sleep disturbances, sick days, physical ailments, health complications and more which affect our overall wellbeing. The world of information is ever-expanding and therefore we must remember the significance of keeping it simple.

Many theories suggest Simplicity as an indicator of Truth. Although nature seems to be complex in some superficial respects, there is in fact a deep underlying simplicity of all nature. For example, all living nature needs some type of food for nourishment, all living nature needs water/to be watered, as well as a healthy dosage of sunlight.

Such views on nature were explicitly endorsed by many great scientists of the past, including Aristotle, Galileo, Newton and Einstein, as well as poets such as Ralph Waldo Emerson, Robert Frost, Paulo Coelho, Hans Christian Anderson etc. andpoetry styles such as Haiku.

The Simple truths, and the simple path in life, still incorporates personal challenges and adversities, however it evokes inspiration, intuition, Zen and a growth mentality.

What matters to you is what matters to you; and what you want is what you want. Simple living isn’t about wanting other stuff, and it certainly isn’t about wanting less. It’s about finding the essential core of who you are, and focusing from there to manifest your vision.

Furthermore, what matters to you isn’t something that is fixed. It may change over time, as the world changes and as circumstances change. The important thing to note is that the core of who you are is usually found on the simplepath, and it is usually underneath a heap of other layers, just like buried treasure. Sometimes we have to dig to find it, even if simple.

In an ever-growing population, a lot of people are deeply unsure about what they really want, and even some people who have a good grasp on it can still confuse what they want right now with what they really want on a deeper, more fundamental level.

A simple way to find out which direction you are steered towards, is to find out about your deepest core valuesand reflect on what matters to you, and why. At times we need to meditateto inquire within ourselves what this really is, other times we need to meditate to forget – and then to remember, and other times we need others who can walk the simple path with us.

Between two paths, simplicity is preferable because it is the path that will navigate you towards a more pleasant life, and in turn you will feel secure in your life and live with ease, flow and creativity, in what can be deemed to be a complex or crazy contemporary world.

The point of simple living is that you get enough of all the most important stuff needed to sustain your mind, body, spirit, heart, soul and creativity. Simplicity sustains our survival.

As briefly mentioned before, including meditation in your daily practice is a great way to steer towards a more simple life. By clearing our mind and thoughts of the past and future, we are better able to be here and now, in the present. Sometimes it is difficult to clear all the clutter in our minds. As a matter of fact, the effect of our past experiences doesn’t only reside in our minds, it resides in our body-mind. This means it is stored in our muscular memory and cells! Practicing meditation along with simplicity helps bring us back to the present moment.

What meditation does is it makes more room in our minds so that we are better able to embody a grounded presence – by living in the moment, it helps us to obtain more creative decision making processes so that we are able to process the information that we need and want to, with a more positive mindset, and from there move forward with intuition intact.

If you are unsure about what you want, where you are going, or who you really are at the core, then it is important for you to take courage and heart, grab hold of the bull by the horns, and see yourself for the brilliant soul that you are!

This means taking action on your dreams and clearing what isn’t in truth to get in touch with your true nature – a simpler path. If you are struggling with walking the simple path, it is helpful to have people around you that are able to mirror qualities that bring forth your greatness to your personal life, or business life, and to the rest of the world.

Many of us will be reading this blog and resonating with much of what is being said. This is because, in some ways or another, we can all be living more simpler lives. With this in mind, do you want to be able to make more space for the simple and meaningful things in your life?

Would you like to be able to make choices with ease? Minimise the amount of clutter in your mind, body, spirit, heart and soul so that you can enjoy better and more fulfilling relationships?

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