Bringing out the best in yourself, to experience the most amazing 2019 possible!

All your beautiful dreams for 2019 are very precious. The number one dream killer is burn out with low energy and high stress. Many people – even young people – lose their leverage in pursuing their dreams as the year becomes overwhelming.

Raise Your Energy Vibrational Frequency

The first question to ask yourself moving into 2019 is “Does what I consume give me a boom?”

Everything counts – the quality of food, water and supplements you take determine three outcomes:

  1. Food as Medicine – makes you feel like you can run up Mount Everest.
  2. Food as Energy – Gives you enough energy to manifest your dreams
  3. Food as Toxicity – low quality food and water constipates the quality of life.

Make a list of everything you eat and drink. Mark it as 1,2 or 3 as above. Eliminate the 3s and add fresh choices to the 1s, for example, bone broth.  Watch a leap in your energy vibration happen quickly.

The next step is to identify chronic muscular tensions that block the flow of blood and chi (life force) that must circulate throughout your body and around your body-mind dynamics, in order to possess a huge life force and vibration.

Eliminate those muscular tensions by the following five steps:

  1. Get deep tissue body work monthly
  2. Do Bioenergetics exercises daily
  3. Do body-roller work twice per week.
  4. Get your feet on the grass or sand as often as possible.
  5. Get out in nature and feel your connection to all of life.

Of course, there are many substantial mind-body and psycho-spiritual processes you can experience easily to take a huge leap of expansion in life. Are you interested in having an awe-inspiring vibrational frequency? Would you like to learn more?

Eliminate All Confusion with Oneness

Oneness means that all the bits of your personality are on the same page. Its great that you have a grand vision for 2019. Exciting too because the world is your oyster.

But so many millions of people do this around the world every year in an excited state of mind. Then at the end of the year in an exhausted state they think “WTF”.  Seriously why work so hard on your goals and dreams if they have no wings?

It’s a question well worth asking. I mean asking the man or woman in the mirror.

It is often more than not that the case of split beliefs, moods and conflicted aspects of consciousness and/or areas of denial, are that which unconsciously blocks your awareness.

If you think one thing and feel another then there is something not in truth. That’s a huge warning that most people ignore or flick off as normal. There is a big difference between what is common and what is normal. Sometimes an aspect of our personality just needs to voice its concerns instead of being stuffed down.

One example would be if you leave a meeting with your business team and you don’t speak your truth. Your gut will feel yuck. You have betrayed yourself and the team.

Another would be if you have a fight with your lover and you both say sorry and even have makeup sex, but you wake up in the morning feeling the truth has not been spoken. You have betrayed yourself and your relationship.

Yet another example is that even though you love your vision and dream list for 2019 a little voice says “it’s too good to be true.” Is it? What is really in your way?

One way to address this is to begin being brutally honest with everyone. Start with yourself.

My personal vision for 2019 is to create perfect Oneness:

  1. Body and Mind
  2. Body and Soul
  3. Emotion and Spirit
  4. Conscious and Unconscious
  5. Heart and Soul
  6. Being and Doing
  7. Vision and Goals
  8. Masculine and Feminine
  9. Thinking and Feeling
  10. Soul and Source

This is a huge task. Would you like to join me and learn how?

Stay on Your Horse No Matter What

Building your container for life is the single most important task. You must do this before you implement your grand plan. You must because the universe will test you.

If you build a strong container then you will not get knocked off your horse when the rain comes in. Many people have courage but do not have a strong container. So therefore, life knocks them off their horse over and over again. Eventually they are exhausted, feel defeated and want to give up.

Is that you or was it you before you built your container?

The reason this is important is if your vision is too big people will want to pull you down. They will invalidate you and try to dampen your spirit. They will be threatened or envious or both.

They are like wet poo in the grass. You will slip if you are not prepared. The truth is most people are not prepared. They slip again and again.

It’s not due to a lack of intestinal fortitude, guts or courage, but because they are not grounded from the inside out to go on the journey of greatness. Is this you?

If your dreams for 2019 are huge then your launch pad must be too. It must hold you in personal strength so you do not lose faith in your mission when challenged.

Accordingly, I invite you to step out of your comfort zone in 2019. Get on your horse and step up.

Let’s build your energy force to a huge vibration. A frequency of both love and strength.

In addition, any personal confusion internally will always be reflected on the outside. The environment is a perfect reflection of your internal mechanisms.

So, you must urgently integrate these inner personal polarities to be steeped in perfect Oneness.

Finally, let’s get together as soon as possible to build a container, a launch pad that includes your body, brain, mind and soul, complete awareness and a never-ending learning process that becomes your personal platform for greatness.