Do You Find Your Relationship Confusing?


I’ve noticed a lot of confusion these days about relationships. People wanting them, but not getting what they want. And I noticed there are a lot of people who aren’t clear. If you’re not crystal clear about what you want, you’ll end up giving the other person what they want and you’ll abandon yourself. In other words, there’s only three choices. You can have the friend with benefits type of relationship or one night stand. In other words, there is just no commitment other than giving each other pleasurable companionship and so on. So it’s very short lived.

The second type has more meaning to it, it’s called a workout relationship. Where you spend six to twenty-four months with a person.  Typically, you’re only committed to that person, but you have an agreement going in that you don’t share the long-term values or goals to be with this person on going.

There could be a hundred one reasons why you make that choice but it can be fulfilling because you work out issues from prior relationships to get you ready for a life partner if you want that. Some people just go from workout relationship to workout relationship for many years. But it doesn’t matter.

The third type of relationship is in fact a commitment, a life partner. This couples normally live together, some of them get married, and some of them have children. But it’s really what you decide up front what you’re looking for. In other words, if you are not clear, you’ll end up giving your power away and end up getting hurt or disappointed or really frustrated. If you tell people when you first meet them who you are, what you want, what you looking for then the universe will weed out those people who don’t match what you want or don’t match your heart’s desire.

So, if you like to get real clarity on these for yourself, we have a Heartfelt Relationships coming up in Sydney this month. It’s a one day course and it’s free. You can below for all the details. It will be life changing. You’ll have a great time and you’ll leave glowing. Who knows, you could meet your life partner or your workout partner.

Lead from your heart,
Robert Kirby

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