Do You Have Resilience Intelligence?


Hi, Resilience is one of the most essential elements in relationships. If you’re going to be in a long-term relationship or if you’re desiring one and you want that relationship to be grounded and solid you must have emotional resilience.  One of the things I discovered is that people who can return to their roots of unconditional love, again and again when they get their feathers ruffled can maintain a status quo of resilience and pure unconditional love.

There are three components to the state of unconditional love. The first is self-acceptance, the second is self-forgiveness and the third is self-love. I will explain very briefly about each one. First of all, whether you’re doing emotional healing with an energetic healer, or you’re into meditation, or you decide to go into mainstream psychotherapy, none of that will work unless you begin with the premise of self-acceptance to truly accept where you are in life right now. That’s the first prerequisite.

The second prerequisite on unconditional love is self-forgiveness. Many times, in life, we do things that we deeply regret – to err is human. Sometimes people find it impossible to forgive themselves for some things that they have done or some things that have been done to them. But you can always forgive yourself because you are human, you can come back to that place of essential letting go at a deeper level. It does take work and it does have layers, but without the acceptance and the forgiveness, it’s nearly impossible to come back to unconditional love.

The third is self-love itself and some people hold a grudge against themselves. They refuse to love themselves until they’re perfect, or until they make-up for some mistakes they have made. This is enormously painful. If the source or the creator, who loves you unconditionally, wouldn’t change a hair in your head, loves you without conditions, who the hell are you not to love you? So, when we hold love from ourselves, it is the essence of arrogance. So, I think we need to let go of ourselves, myself included. We need to let go of this arrogance. To know to err is human, to love ourselves unconditionally even though we are not perfect.

So, when we get to this place of unconditional love, it strengthens our resilience. Now, one of the most important things is you cannot do this on intellectual level. You need to conceptually understand it but to process it. You need to work with whatever emotional repression that you have. And the second thing is to work with your spiritual repression. If you lose connection from your soul, it’s difficult to have direction, because you lose contact with your purpose. So, that’s your, you might say your inner life.

If you’re not feeling your emotional energy, which many people don’t today, because they have repressed over time, or they’ve been hurt, or they’ve been disappointed. They don’t want to be hurt again, they don’t want to be vulnerable, so they disown their vulnerability and thus their emotions are repressed. That does not work. And the other thing is repressing the mind body energy. It’s the energy of life that makes the world go around. It is with us from the moment of conception until our last breath. This needs to be flowing through the body so this emotional energy gives us life.

Everything in life is based on vibration. When this vibration is free on an emotional level, on a spiritual soul level and the mind body energy, you will be cooking. And some of the disappointing things that you have attracted maybe in the past. The lessons that you had to learn, you can just let go of those. You can have completion and closure with those and bring your vibration to a whole new level and attract a partner or take the relationship you are in to a much deeper, intimate and passionate level when these emotions become free.

So I want to wish you the purest intention to heal this, if you would like support, look at our website: to get more information. You’re welcome to send me an email, or call me up to have a chat about it. I want to get to know what’s keeping you from having tremendous resonance and resourcefulness in your relationships and in your relationship with yourself and your relationship with your partner or the amazing partner that’s forthcoming.  And don’t forget, you’re drop dead gorgeous!

Lead from your heart,
Robert Kirby