Do You Know Why You Procrastinate?

One of the biggest problems that people are talking to me about today is procrastination. They don’t understand why they have one foot on the brake and the other on the accelerator. They have a dream, whether it’s their personal or work life. They want to start dating or they want to get out of a bad relationship or they may want to jumpstart their business to the next level.

Procrastination is an extremely challenging problem. What I find is there are unresolved conflicts where people have a negative expectation of what they really want. Their hearts desire will not come into fruition even if they take all the action, maybe it includes spending money on marketing for the business or whatever it might take or they might feel rejected in some way so they end up doing nothing. This is a huge problem. So I have come up with two questions that I challenge people to asked themselves which I wanted to share with you right now.

The first question is, “What is the truth that you are not speaking?” in other words what is the conversation that you need to have with yourself about what in your life is not in truth? And when you start getting the answers to these, things will unfold in a way where you can see inner conflicts that you could resolve. This often happens on an emotional level but could just be concepts that you have.

Conscious versus unconscious. Feeling versus thinking. It doesn’t really matter. There is a conflict there and once you clean that up, you can take your foot off the brake and start taking appropriate action for yourself. This is important! So again, that first question is, “What is the truth that you are not speaking?”. The second question is “What are you speaking that is not the truth?”

Sometimes we build up ideas and concepts in our mind about who we are and the things we are going to do and it is not necessarily aligned with our inner core self, it’s not crystal clear. So it means there is more inner work to be done. More exploration about what the truth is. It is not a bad thing. So we procrastinate and there are good reasons behind this because something is not in truth. I find this very powerful when people can explore this in an open and honest way without beating themselves up without blame. So just look inside yourself and ask yourself these two questions.

When you can resolve these things, you can toss procrastination out the window and begin to put your master plan in action and also take massive action every single day towards your dreams. That’s exciting!

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Lead from your heart,
Robert Kirby