Family constellation

Life can be extraordinarily complex. Sometimes you might feel like you’re stuck between a rock and a hard place, and you may feel that you’re not sure what the next best step is. Family constellations are an insightful modality which works to reveal hidden dynamics and underlying patterns within a relationship or family.

In simple terms, a constellation works in the following way:

  • You describe the problem that you would like to resolve or the situation that needs to be changed
  • Robert will then pick out a number of people to represent you, your partner, mother, brother, sister, aunty, or anyone else involved in your problem
  • These people intuitively place themselves into the energy of the situation and are able to reflect the true experience of the people they are representing.
  • The hidden dynamic between all of the players is illuminated and you are able to view the situation for exactly what it is. This then provides you with a renewed clarity and ability to generate ideas to take action and resolve the situation in creative and dynamic ways.

Robert Kirby has undertaken extensive training in organisational and family constellations both in Australia and overseas, and the outcomes people have experienced from these workshops have been deeply transformative and lasting. For more information on how family constellations work, see: