Heartfelt Relationships

For many of us, we look outside of ourselves for happiness. We think that if we change our circumstances, appearance or partner, things will be better. But instead, we keep playing out the same patterns, the same arguments and the same insecurities—and we wonder why the same issues seem to come up with a different partner, or we somehow keep attracting the wrong kind of partner over and over again.

As strange as it sounds, attracting a committed, loving and beautiful partner starts with you.

Taking your current relationship to a beautiful and honouring space of equality and intimacy starts with you.

This workshop will permanently change the way you see your beautiful self, and after this workshop, you will:

  • Let go of feelings of unworthiness and feeling “not good enough”
  • Dissolve barriers to passion and true intimacy with your partner
  • Deeply connect with your authentic self and feel empowered again
  • Let go of old guilt and shame, so you can experience more joy and love
  • Raise your vibration, which will make your energy magnetic and irresistible to anyone who crosses your path
  • Create equality with your partner, or potential partner: the foundation to intimacy