How to prepare for the love of your life

Many of us have heard this famous quote by Scottish scientist, inventor, engineer and innovator –

“Preparation is the key to success.”

– Alexander Graham Bell


Usually, we prepare for the important things in our lives. We prepare our lunches for ourselves, for our kids, we prepare dinner for ourselves and/or somebody else. We prepare when going on a vacation, we prepare our vows for weddings and we prepare speeches for events. We prepare our posts on Facebook, our plans during the day, we prepare to go to bed and we even use the term preprepare to be extra prepared!

Time and time again, preparation has proven to be the ingredient to successful outcomes. Does this apply to Love as well? Think about it.

How many of us are truly prepared when our Hearts are engulfed by an extraordinary person, to the point where our lives take a back seat for better or for worse. Can we really be prepared for a miracle that we have not met?

More often than not, we focus solely on the relationship with this other person that we meet, rather than the relationship we have with ourselves. It manifests itself as a means to an end… Whilst the act of loving may not be an endin itself, it certainly is the means to the ultimate end: it is the key to eternal happiness.

What we call love, tends to catch us when we least expect it.

We hope the love we find with another person (or people?) will last forever. Many of us spend seemingly endless time, effort, energy, and are enveloped with planning a future around this particular person.

While this is like an essential oil to a wholesome and long-lasting life with another, we must remember that oil helps us in some ways, though not all ways. We cannot expect our partners to grease every gear of our life. To nourish our bodies, to lubricate our ill-feelings and we surely cannot expect our partners to paint a picturesque future according to our unforeseen expectations. We, as individuals, need to take responsibility for the huge part of ourselves that will inevitably make or break any relationship…

 The Relationship we have with our self.

Nurturing the relationship we have with our own SELF is a sure fire way to truly prepare you for meeting the right person for you. And making this love last… for life.

Reflecting on how can you preparefor the love of your life, especially if you haven’t met them yet…

You have. Look in the mirror. It’s you.

Our bodies also contain a huge storage of information, memory and emotion that we carry around since our childhood. This has an enormous impact on how we live our days, and how we live our truth each and every moment.

We must learn to fill our own cups daily, to purify the relationship we have with ourselves, in order to fully invite and participate in a sacred connection with another human being. This is how you can best prepare for the other love of your life (besides yourself!). By filling your own cup each and every day and doing what it is you love.

If you are already in a relationship, you can deepen the intimacy with this special person by also finding out more about yourself, taking the time to explore the depths of your soul, the shadow of your humanness (Refer to Carl Gustav Jung), and the core of your innermost consciousness. In turn, your curiosity will grow and invite long-lasting love into your life. It is a commitment to the brilliance inside of you.

To really live out and last the distance in love, one can best prepare by investing in their own self-development. Find out about the innermost parts of yourself. Find out what frees your heart and soul and set your love on fire!

To last in love involves continuously listening and learning. Again, to become your own best friend and lover before we can give or receive to a passionate relationship with anyone else. This is the greatest preparation of all.

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