Living A Life of Deep Meaning – the depth of your inner ground

The Japanese people call it Ikigai– reason for being, the Westerners call it Destiny, the Christian’s call it God’s Will, the Chinese call it fortune, and in Greek and Roman Mythology it is called Fate. It is the source of value in one’s life, the core of your personhood, your experience of being Human. Your inner ground is the very reason you belong in this World, or perhaps your reasons for creating a new one.

How we give our lives meaning really depends upon each and every person’s core purpose. It mixes experience with philosophy, biology, anthropology, nature, physics and science, and of course the notion that we are forever increasing our knowledge in the realms of consciousness. The Tao says, “One who persists is a person of purpose.”

Often it takes a personal crisis or old age to realize what has the deepest meaning in your life. Most of us do not really know. DO YOU KNOW THE REAL YOU? Many of us are driven by worldly successes, such as chasing money or power for temporary pleasures or perhaps a picture-perfect persona we present in modern day society.

On the outside we organise our lives to the point where we forge ourselves in front of other people and then do what we can to forget about the existential crisis we often feel but never seem to fully face. The deeper your inner ground, the more enriched you will feel. Focusing on a strong inner ground you will not need to put up any facades in order to impress anyone, nor will you be forced into the energy fields of other people who may not yet understand their place in the world.

Your inner ground is essentially the quality of your relationship with yourself. How connected are you to your inner most self or soul? Both modern scientists and spiritual masters agree this aspect of self is beyond time and space. It is connected to the cosmos. Many believe it is your energy of life that is timeless and contains the aptitude and talents needed to fulfil your core purpose or destiny in this specific life.

Sara Hill PhD states that almost all problems brought into individual, couple and family therapy include a disconnection from the true “meaning in life.” The old saying “the truth will set you free” is more relevant today than it was 2000 years ago. To find, live and embody your truth will have you manifesting your Heart’s Desires in all areas of your life both effortlessly and enthusiastically. Like all great achievements, a task well done is one where a lot of work, consideration and care is cultivated.

In other words, if we penetrate to richerdepthswithin, we may discover that a meaningful life may be the most critical puzzle piece to establishing good health, longevity, higher quality of life and the absence of depression or other symptoms.


Results linked by research psychologists to a meaningful life see this association with our primary values and the key areas of our life to which stem from our core purpose. What are the key areas of Life for individuals within our systems of society? The key areas of life are relationships, occupation and/or business. We can summarise depth and quality of one’s life in relation to the following statements;

(1) That you feel your life makes sense and has continuity.

(2) That you are directed and motivated toward meaningful goals.

(3) That you believe your existence matters to others.

Most psychologists believe that within these three factors are key ingredients to experience more depth and meaning in our everyday lives. As mentioned earlier in the article, more often than not it takes a personal crisisor otherwise old age to realize what has the deepest meaning in your life, and to manifest this into a tangible reality. Most of us do not really know, and a big proportion of us have no keen interest to really find out until one or the latter occurs in our lives.

If there was a way to look deeper within yourself to make the invisible, visible, or to express your innermost self in a society which sees the surface as something more important than what lies underneath? It is no task for the faint of heart. We now know with increased visits to the doctors (and overwhelming diagnoses that dictate our interactions) that it is time more of us begin to question the underlying decisions that lead us to the creation of our own reality.

Through our trepidations and triumphs we are forced to refurbish our very reason for existence and how we can live a more fulfilling and fruitful life. To influence positive change, better choices and more meaningful connections in the world around us.

StillnessObserve your mind beyond time
MovementEnhance flow of body-energy
Process NegativityLet go of obsolete values/beliefs
Inner GroundAccess inner brilliance/purpose
Outer GroundYour Presence connected to inner origins

Robert Kirby connotes that the physical plane represents your inner strength or your container for living. This is part of your inner ground. The depth of your inner ground is the container which holds your resilience to perform all the tasks you need to execute, even in the face of adversity and challenges. Your unique Contribution requires clarity. There are 5 powerful ways to explore and gain clarity of your purpose:

Exploring your inner ground, and the deepest parts of your existence will incorporate the above and result in great success. You will become so authentic over time – that you will attract a loving partner, a lovely lifestyle and financial success. You will learn how to serve the very void we subconsciously venture. Your inner work is all about claiming the heart of your relationship with yourself!

To sum it up, your inner ground is fluid and strong to the degree that your heart and soul connect to your personal and spiritual truth in this life time. In these last 3 decades, Robert has learnt the secrets to open up ones Life’s purpose, and to teach thousands of people just like you and I to connect to their core purpose and their deepest meaning for living. Your curiosity about living a life of deep meaning comes with inevitable growth and will reap good harvest.

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