Personal Leadership – in business and life

Taking leadership of your own life and injecting that same authentic, heart centred leadership into your career, business or family is all about reclaiming your power. Take the giant leap from living a life of mediocrity and fear-based thinking, and step into your brilliance and true potential.

This program is made up of one 3 day workshop a month, for five months.

The theory that is covered in each module is integrated with different energy healing modalities.  It’s all about getting the bad energy out, healing the pain and replacing this space with beautiful, vital and positive energy.

  • Drill down into what your core values are, what you are doing now, and how you would like to change. Living in truth is all about stripping away the conditioning and expectations, and connecting with your heart
  • Really get clear on your vision, strategy and tactics to achieve your life mission
  • Become an expert inthe extraordinary power of emotional intelligence, and how to mobilise it to communicate effectively to get what you want in relationships, and at work
  • Learn how to use your leadership skills to influence people in a positive way, and inspire them towards your shared goal and vision
  • Learn the secret trick to public speaking that will change your life. After this, you will love the process of presenting and speaking in front of a large audience (instead of fearing it more than death itself)
  • Learn how to do a business pitch, and practice, practice, practice!
  • Transformyour greatest pain into your greatest asset
  • Let go of all the emotional blocks that stop you from stepping out as a leader
  • Confront the areas in your life where you’re feeling resistant and stuck. As a group, you will work on identifying the root cause and clearing these blocks that are making you live small
  • Learn how to create congruency between what you think, what you feel and what you manifest
  • Learn about your Human Design and gain a whole, new level of freedom and self- acceptance as you learn about your energy centres, and embrace the aspects to your personality that you may never have understood or claimed
  • Learn to embrace your pain and darkness and see it as the gateway to your brilliance and creativity
  • Learn a variety of easy but life-changingtechniques to stay grounded, present and completely coherent in your mind, body, spirit, heart and soul

And so much more.

As, as you move through each module, you will rocket to a level you didn’t know was possible, and by the end of it you’ll be accessing that amazing, limitless potential inside of you–every single day.

Upcoming Events

Leadership Training 2018 dates:
25-27 May 1/5
22-24 June 2/5
27-29 July 3/5
24-26 August 4/5
21-23 September 5/5

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