Life Mastery – in Business and Life

All of us were born to be great in our own unique way.  We were all put on this Earth to inspire, lead and teach.

But things happen during our lives which can emotionally scar us and dim our sense of belief in ourselves. As kids, we absorbed other people’s opinions and criticisms to form incorrect conclusions about ourselves and self-worth. As adults, we continue to believe these self-limiting beliefs to create a “comfort zone” which we think will protect us from getting hurt again.

In reality, our comfort zones don’t actually help us- they just cause us live a small existence and we end up feeling empty, frustrated and disappointed in ourselves. But we get “stuck” because it’s all we’ve ever known and we don’t really know what to do to overcome these barriers.

This course will focus on the “5 Ps” that are crucial to obtaining flow and abundance in life:

  • Presence
  • Passion
  • Purpose
  • Perseverance
  • Profit

It will teach you how to be the master of your own life and permanently shift the emotional blocks that are stopping you in your tracks.   You will:

  • Break free from the negative beliefs and thought patterns that have held you hostage in the past,
  • Learn the keys to letting go of fear, expanding your comfort zone and joyfully living from the heart
  • Be more present, productive and let go of the procrastination cycle
  • Drill down into what your passion and purpose is
  • Create a clear vision for yourself
  • Learn invaluable techniques to manage anxiety and stress so that you can mobiliseyour gifts and talents with your unique combination of body, energy and soul

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Life Mastery dates:
9-11 February
27-29 April
6-8 July
26-28 October