Get Your Foot Out of The Fire or Get Burnt

All romantic relationships have three very different stages, and one of the biggest challenges a couple might face is looking for a familiar fuzzy type of love that they experience during these stages.

These stages are like rites of passages. If a couple misses a stage or misinterprets it, they might run the risk of having their relationship fall apart. With this said, it is essential for you to run through your emotional intelligence through a journey of awakening.

Here are the stages of any romantic relationship:

  1. Honeymoon
  2. Power Struggle
  3. Mature Love

The honeymoon phase is probably the most-loved phase. The sex is amazing, everything is fresh and a new experience, and the couple feels like they have no baggage at all. Little do they know, there is actually baggage there – it’s just currently being masked with all things honeymoon.

Also during this stage, the couple agrees on most things and unwanted traits are often overlooked.

When the honeymoon stage is over, the end can definitely be felt. After a year or two in the relationship, the couple now sees their partner’s faults and even their own as well. With all these thoughts aside, the common case is one person in the relationship is not as “all in” as they were in the beginning. The real state of the relationship becomes clearer by the day.

This stage is known as a power struggle. The once strong and flaw-free world that you have created might diminish a little bit, and issues will definitely be raised. Their dynamic will become different at this point.

This difficult stage cannot be skipped and it is essential. In spite of arguments – healthy or not, must foster mutual respect in the end. This stage entails a lot of commitment, and not every couple survives this.

If you and your partner weather the storm and stay the course you can eventually move to the third stage, which is mature love.

The struggle during the previous phase is worth it, as this phase is full of deep friendship and commitment to one another. You have gone through enough for your relationship to lead to marriage and a family, and the trust is undeniable.

It’s mutually rewarding – and will make you feel safe and happy.

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