Robert Kirby is one of finest business coaches and personal development experts in the world. Robert has a strong business background and has achieved great personal success in corporate structures. He is an internationally acclaimed psychotherapist, and educator who has an unprecedented capacity to guide individuals and groups in confronting blind spots, and limitations, and in realizing their full potential.

Robert’s understanding of interpersonal and group dynamics comes from his keen intellect and highly developed intuitive skills. His cutting edge presentations offer tools and information, which enable individuals to achieve excellence in all areas of life. I have had the opportunity to observe Robert work with individuals and groups since 1993, in both the United States and Australia. Time and time again I have witnessed his students step from the shadows of mediocrity into the brilliance of realizing their true potential. Robert is a gifted psychotherapist and educator he is dynamic, courageous and tireless in his commitment to supporting others in living their dream. 

Donna Hamilton , Marriage and Family Therapist, M.A. M.S
When I was diagnosed with Crohn’s disease I became angry, resentful, and fell deeply into victimhood. After finding and working with Robert Kirby I was able to own and experience the many ways my painful childhood had settled in my gut and I had closed off my heart. I was filled with trauma from the past that hadn’t been addressed or acknowledged. Robert used techniques that led me to release beliefs, emotions, and feelings that were at the core of my illness. With his help I healed from a disease that I had been told repeatedly was incurable. I am eternally grateful for Robert’s wisdom and his determination for me to recognize and listen to the language of my body and live from my heart.
Holly Riley , Author of “Allowing, A portrait of forgiving and letting life love you”
What to say about Robert Kirby? The first thing that comes to me is creativity and passion. When I first came to Australia to teach in his school I was blown away by the energy of the place. His students were on fire, inspired by Robert’s teaching and the heart behind his knowledge. When he came to teach at my school I saw again how much he knows, how deeply he cares about what he is doing, and the unique style with which he brings forth his knowledge. He is exciting and steeped in his subject, and he touches all he meets with his gifts. Don’t miss a meeting with Robert, you will most certainly be changed by it. 
Ann Bradney , Director, Radical Aliveness Institute
I was in a dark, low place in my personal life before I met Robert Kirby. I didn’t understand why I had been in so many failed relationships and why I didn’t feel loved by people. A work colleague could see that I was on a downward spiral and told me about Robert and a free Heartfelt Relationships course he was running. I thought to myself: “What have I got to lose?” And so, with fear in the back of my throat, I went to 99 York Street that Friday morning.

When I first got there, all I wanted to do was run for my life- I was the one at the very back of the room; one hand on the door, tears in my eyes, one foot ready to sprint. But as the day went on, I started to feel safer and I had a shift where I could see where all my fear and anxiety came from. Robert explained how the dynamics of your family can create a lot of wounding which can hold you back in life unless you heal it. And that was just day 1. Each day, I went—still terrified, with one hand always on the door handle and one foot out the door. But by the third day, my grip had loosened and the anxiety I had about my life had lessened. I came to grips with what I needed to accept within my life; my history, where I come from, and my childhood.

I’ve gone onto to do a Retreat and worked on resolving my core wounding of abandonment from my mother and my father (who I’ve never met). I also did a five month leadership course, where I worked a lot of self-love, self-worth and came to see what I deserve to have in this lifetime. I am now living a much freer life within myself. With all the tools Robert has taught me, I can deal with different situations as they arise without running away and hiding from them.

I have completely transformed over the last 2 years due to Robert’s amazing knowledge and skill. He is a wonderful facilitator- loving, caring, but he is direct and will also pull you up on your stuff so that you’ll confront it. It has been a rollercoaster ride and I would highly recommend this to people who are completely wanting to free themselves from their anxiety, depression or the negative beliefs that hold them back from just flying and going for it. 

Dee Duncan , Nurse
Robert Kirby has been a part of a major change in my personal life which has ultimately impacted on positive changes in my work life. When you have reached a high level of management within a company it is not often that you are inspired by training and coaching techniques that have major changes in both your personal and work life. Through Robert Kirby’s techniques I have been fortunate enough to unravel issues that I did not even know that I have kept deep inside me from many years in the past.

By focusing on these issues, I have been able to increase my productivity and also increase productivity of my team. Working with people’s attributes and understanding their insecurities creates a workplace where staff genuinely cares about the company success. The bottom line is that company profits are related to the environment at work and Robert Kirby has the tools to make positive change in organisations. 

Con Katsinas , CEO, International Hotel Services
My experience after doing the Heartfelt Relationships workshop was one of wonder and excitement. To realise that the capacity to really love another starts with having a heartfelt relationship with myself, was a complete revelation. It was amazing to be able to go home and share this experience with my husband.

Robert Kirby and his team guided me through processes which showed me how I withhold from opening my heart to love myself and others, as well as invaluable techniques on dissolving the blocks that were preventing me from loving unconditionally.

Over this incredible weekend I stepped through my fear of intimacy and stopped blaming my husband for not giving me the love I wanted. I can now keep my heart open to loving myself and all who I come into contact with.  

Zoe Horin
Robert Kirby is a knowledgeable and energetic group leader and therapist. His very astute observations lead people to take the next steps on the path toward health and happiness. His spiritual connections and caring heart are tremendous assets in his work with people. He has an ability to teach and inform in an absolutely fascinating manner. 
Karyne B. Wilner
With his decades of experience, the blunt directness of a New Yorker, and the deep insight of an experienced meditator, Robert possesses the uncanny ability to cut through my “crap”. He and his community of amazing therapists have guided me to deeper places of self awareness, self acceptance, and love than I could ever achieve on my own. By learning to face my demons and own my Truth, I am now a more confident, heartfelt, honest and insightful leader, father, and lover, all thanks to this remarkable man. 
Paul Harvey , Founder, Corporate SEO
A friend invited me to listen to Robert speak and I was sceptical, as I have been to many motivational talks and personal development courses in the past and they all sound the same with a quick fix (crash diet) psychology. I said I’d go along but asked my friend to not be offended if I walked out after 10 minutes. In 10 minutes I was totally sold on Robert’s ‘heart centred’ theory and now 2 years later, I am always inspired by his belief of how to view life.

The other fabulous truth is that Robert has created a community that loves and supports each other in a safe and trusting environment. Some people may be scared off by that last comment and think it’s some sort of cult but let me tell you, when it comes to cults I am the biggest sceptic of all. I’m like a solid 6 meter deep steel wall that is impenetrable. The reality is that sometimes life in Sydney can be a rat race and if you have no family and support it can be even harder and very lonely. I now know I am never alone. After meeting Robert and doing a number of his courses, I have evolved into the most amazing confident being. My business has won two awards and I am about to take it to the next level of development. Viva Robert Kirby! 

Brilliant. Robert has an extraordinary ability to see people’s innate greatness and drill down into the root cause behind why they’re limiting themselves and holding themselves back. He creates a safe group space that has enabled me to let go of the emotional blocks and negative beliefs that I’ve unconsciously held onto my whole life. He’s dedicated, dynamic, and his knowledge is unparalleled. A real asset to the world–  I would recommend his coaching and workshops to everyone. 
Margaret , Banking and Finance Lawyer, Writer
I started working with Robert Kirby about three years ago. At that time, I had major depression, anxiety and panic attacks. I was miserable, isolated and felt that life had nothing to offer. I attended Robert’s Life Transformation workshop and had four private sessions with him over five months, after which the severity of my conditions significantly reduced, and I was able to move forward in my life instead of feeling stuck.

I will never go back to how I was. Robert is 100% committed to all who work with him and he has created workshops that transform lives. Since working with Robert, I have been able to gain employment in an area that I’ve only ever dreamed about. My greatest transformation has come through completing Robert’s Heartfelt Leadership training. This intense training has given me the skills and courage to meet life head on and to have faith that my future will be rich and fulfilled. 

Jill Odgers , Nurse and University tutor
Over the last 2 years I’ve been working with Robert in his incredible workshops, retreats, courses and one-on-one therapy. I have experienced deep transformation in my personal relationships, with my husband and children, and importantly, in my relationship with myself. Could anything be greater than this? The work of addressing my issues has had the natural effect of giving me a greater self-confidence and I am paving a more authentic and joy-filled life. I can’t recommend Robert and the Heart Centred Living work enough. Robert’s commitment to the Truth is outrageous! He practices and completely embodies what he teaches. This makes him an exceptional facilitator for the deepest personal work. If you have the opportunity to work with Robert – don’t hesitate – go for it! 
Chloe , Business owner and Mother
Robert has an amazing skill, passion and knowledge across many fields. His experience of over 25 years in psychology, kinesiology and his knowledge in the quantum field makes him a very special person. He has access to a knowledge and skill base that I believe only a handful possess. Having done several programs with Robert over the last year, I am even more impressed. The personal development that I have experienced and the results I have witnessed in others in the program have been purely extraordinary.

Without exception we are all more focused, self-directed, happier and more in control of our lives. Another benefit of Robert’s training are the resources he provides. From health and wellness, to presentation skills or even emotional intelligence, the information and resources provided are priceless. And the down to earth support given in applying this information makes it even more integrated and useful.

I believe Robert is a standout. He is genuine, very approachable and truly wants the best for everyone. His energy, knowledge, passion skill and good humour combine to bring amazing results for all. 

David Griffiths , Octagon Property Services
I started Robert Kirby’s work with some hesitation thinking it would be more the same as all the other personal development courses I’d done in the 80s and 90s. But I was in for a shock. There was nowhere to hide my excess baggage and Robert took me on a journey that went far deeper than any of my previous courses. During the five months of the Heartfelt Leadership course, I did not once see Robert fail to give a person what they needed to transform a part of them which was stopping their success; going to places with each individual that was so profound—and in a way that no other teacher could. He created such a safe dynamic that enabled all of us to always retain our dignity and power. Never have I experienced such a generous and passionate facilitator, thank you Robert. I feel less defended, more connected to my loved ones, more creative and lighter in my body. If anybody reading this is questioning whether or not they should go for it, believe me– it is the best money you will ever spend. 
David Moore , Shipwright and Artist
A month ago, I completed the leadership program with Robert Kirby. It was the most phenomenal experience –with the group providing a safe container of growth and friendship. I think this played a big role in the amazing growth and transformation we all experienced. It was worth every cent, it helped me to retrain my negative patterns into a healthy sustainable flow, and my emotional balance is coherent and clear.  Now, I can fully be present for my children, my business is going amazing and I’m also looking after myself. I feel this training has achieved for me what I was so long looking for: balance and the power from within to lead a life without limits. Thank you Robert Kirby and the wonderful group. 
Marion Ellyard , Events Coordinator, Taste of Love
Attend a retreat (never mind a 5 month Leadership Training course) with Robert Kirby? You have got to be kidding! Far too confrontational for a reserved person like me, and all in front of a group of total strangers too! Never. But life has a way of bringing events that are needed at exactly the required moment. So with my life spiralling out of control, fears that I was losing my husband, not to mention my sanity I resorted to sleeping tablets, anti-depressants and a psychologist, the best solutions that my GP could offer. The depression that stalked me as my ever present companion was only masked by them to make life bearable so I could function. Reaching the bottom, I agreed to attend a retreat. Nothing else had worked after all so what could I lose?

Thankfully as a ‘newbe’ to the work Robert left my process to the last of the 3 days which gave me plenty of time to observe the transformations that were happening all around me in the other group members. Needless to say I was still quaking in my boots when Robert called me up to the ‘hot seat’ for my turn. With some very gentle questioning and his laser sharp intuition, he identified the problem and came up with a solution that would start me on the road to recovery. Everyone’s process was different, but the transformations in people’s lives, faces, body language and energy levels, including mine, were the same – zero to hero! No one else that I know of has the insights, the understanding, the knowledge or simply the determination and compassion to help as many people as possible to be ‘the best that they possibly can be’ unhampered by the wounds, addictions, disappointments and frustrations that life inflicts on each and every one of us with no exceptions. Robert is a master of his craft, totally approachable, totally professional, and totally reliable. You would be mad not to seek him out to see what he can do for you! 

Christine , Mother, Teacher, House wife
In August last year, my girlfriend at the time asked me to come with her to see Robert Kirby at one of his events. Now, I’ve been to lots of self-development events before, but nothing like this. Robert’s work is very deep and is about dealing with the energy blocks that are stuck in our bodies so that we can authentically start living our lives in truth; from the heart. By working with Robert I’ve finally been able to deal with self-confidence issues, and I realized why I have always ended up in similar relationships. I have found the cause of it and dealt with it, and have since been able to attract a relationship that is healthy and full of love and passion. I also found my self-worth and have doubled my income since I started. Before Robert, I had been seeing a psychologist regularly, but the shifts didn’t start until I worked with Robert. His gift is that he can pinpoint the root of every problem, and by using different modalities, he’s able to get the unresolved issues out and the life force flowing again. He’s amazing. 
Christian Madsen
It’s been a privilege to share Robert’s leadership work. His intention is simple – personal transformation. Our five months together began like the old Zen tale, set in a temple where the aspirants wanted to be like their leader. The leader plants a powerful seed – ‘one of you is actually a great and inspiring leader.’ Each aspirant, in their own unique way, then takes this insight to heart. Robert Kirby, like the Zen master, plants the seed of greatness. Over the Leadership course, through shared intention, resolve and personal example, each of us has come to embody the once ‘lost’ great leader we were born to be. 
Paul Kininmonth , Teacher
I have found Robert Kirby and his work to be authentic and transformative, getting to the root cause of what is holding people back from living their lives with Heart and Soul. My personal experience has resulted in being open hearted & able to pursue my goals through recognizing & embracing opportunities. Allowing intuition and heart to balance reason. My life still has its challenges and emotional upsets with times that can seem overwhelming. What I am noticing is my response to upsets also has a willingness to accepting the situation. This leads to a new way of Being that brings about a new Vision & Peace of mind to choose a better way.
Don Micallef , Client Manager
I am now living the outcome of my training with Robert- I am the person I wanted to become: I’m now building my business and, for the first time, I have full access to all my potential. Robert has many courses that suit different people. Having the courage to confront our past pain means the difference between saying that you live your life with awareness, and actually living your life with awareness. I never thought I could love the person who was the focus of my anger for most of my life. I even hated the idea of letting go of my anger in case it would be replaced with regret, remorse, shame or guilt. None of this was the case. If it is freedom you want, then choose freedom. With Robert’s support and skill as an experienced group facilitator and surrounded by his experienced support team, you’ll absolutely get there. 
Sabine L. , Solicitor and Life Coach