The Best Relationship Outcome


The best relationship outcomes I’m seeing today are from most people who are crystal clear on what they want. I see three choices. One is what you call a one night stand or a fling or friends with benefits. The second type of relationship is called a workout relationship; you spend six to twenty-four months with a person. You both agree upfront that there’s a great attraction but it’s not going to be a long term relationship because you don’t share the same values or the same goals.

The third type of relationship is a life partner. So you both wanted to be together. You’re going to live together. You’re committed to only each other. Some couples want kids and some couples want kids and marriage. That’s for the couple to decide. The main thing is you have to be crystal clear on what you want.

The people who would get into trouble are those who become a chameleon. They find someone that they are very attracted to. They think they are a nice person, they admire them while there is a lot of sexual tension and they become a chameleon. They give their power to that person so whatever that person decides they want; whether it is friends with benefits, a workout relationship or a permanent partner, you just tend to go along with that. It doesn’t work.

Like anything in life, the best laid plans become the greatest outcomes of your life.

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Lead from your heart,
Robert Kirby