Transformational retreats

Robert Kirby’s three day retreats are in a class of their own.  He has been running them for over 18 years all over the US, the UK and Australia, and the breakthroughs that people have experienced are nothing short of miracles.

The retreats are held over three days.  The first day is dedicated to creating trust and safety within the group and each person is given the opportunity to drill down into key issues that are stopping them from experiencing love, happiness and abundance.

Over the next two days, Robert (with the support of five other Core Energetic specialists) devises a process for each person which enables them to release the past hurt, heal their heart, and step into life with effortless flow, confidence and self-belief. As he does in all of his workshops, Robert draws on a variety of dynamic modalities to get the “stuck” energy moving, their life-force and love flowing again:

  • Abstract Constellations
  • Family Constellations
  • Character Analysis
  • Voice Dialogue
  • Body Psychotherapy
  • ReichianTherapy
  • Heart Energetics
  • Energy Work

The group dynamic ensures that each person is supported with love, empathy and kindness, as everyone experiences each person’s process as it unfolds.  The shifts are deeply profound and extraordinary.

Transformational retreat dates 2018:
2-4 March
11-13 May held in Sydney
29 June – 1 July Live-in
Friday 12 October – Sunday 14 October 2018.
23-25 November  Live-in

If you would like to book or make an enquiry, please email us at