Warrior Spirit – in business and life

Warrior Spirit – in business and life is for anyone looking to fulfil their soul’s divine purpose in this life time.  It is all about connecting with the masculine and feminine aspects of you – enabling your energy to connect with your heart and having this authenticity permeating through all aspects of your personal and professional life.   This is course comprises of one weekend a month for four months (in total, four weekends).  You will

  • Possess a strong sense of self in terms of personal power and your ability to listen to your intuition and create from a divine and beautiful space
  • Understand and experience oneness in body, mind and spirit
  • Understand the interconnection between Eastern and Western philosophies
  • Learn to direct your own life-force into creative flow
  • Become authentically connected to your spiritual path as it relates to your destiny or “calling” in this life
  • Gain the tools and experience to hone your teaching, coaching and energy healing skills
  • Learn to facilitate workshops within a formal structure
  • Gently confront and heal traumas that may have caused you to split your heart from your pelvis
  • Master the meditation process that will allow you to free your mind, thoughts and intentions to create your soul’s desire.

Upcoming Events


Warrior Training 2018/19

Dates: (course runs each weekend for 4 months)

  1. Saturday 10 – Sunday 11 November 2018 (1st of 4)
  2. Saturday 15 – Sunday16 December 2018 (2nd of 4)
  3. Saturday 16 – Sunday 17 February 2019 (3rd of 4)
  4. Saturday 16 – Sunday 17 March 20192019 (4th of 4)

Times: 8am – 6pm


York Conference and Function Centre
Level 2, 99 York Street, Sydney, NSW 2000